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NOTE: This is Virtual Console review. As such, there's none of the usual scoring at the end.Just text and a quick verdict.

This game can be summed up in one simple word. Nuts. No really, it's quite a weird little puzzle game. Chew Man Fu, for the people who can't read Japanese (myself included) means Be Ball. Why it's called that? Don't ask, it has nothing to do with basketball. The objective of Chew Man Fu is to place coloured balls on specific coloured spots. The game lets you take control of a Chun-Li wannabe and to achieve your task you can either push or kick the ball. If kicked, a ball can be used to knock down walls and kill enemies who constantly respawn whilst you are trying to move the balls into their correct places.

The story isn't normal either! It goes like this: Chew Man Fu is attempting to rid the world of egg rolls, fried rice and other favourite foods. Yup, you read that correctly... The game is also playable for two players, either co-op in the story or competitively through Kick-Ball, which also serves as a mini tutorial and to improve your ball control.

Graphics and sound are functional, at best. And really wouldn't delight you unless you like strangely large anime-style heads. The animation is fairly decent however, on characters, balls and enemies. The music and sound effects are fairly mediocre.

That's basically all there is to it. It's fairly simplistic but there is over 500 levels and it's fairly difficult to progress sometimes. But, this game really is weirdly addictive, once you get into it. Basically, if you're into something a little different, why not try it out? It's only 100 points more than a NES game.

Verdict: A strange take on the puzzle genre.

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