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NOTE: This is Virtual Console review. As such, there's none of the usual scoring at the end.Just text and a quick verdict.

Oh boy, another game attempts the whole first person RPG. Double Dungeons is as basic as it gets, honestly. The game has thirty or so dungeons for you to attempt to beat, and is unforgiving, not fun and not clever.

Firstly, the game asks you for your name, which serves no purpose but to add it in front of lines of text. Then it plonks you in what can only be describes as the greyest place on Earth, where you go and kill enemies, that are there for utterly no reason what so ever to gain gold and experience points. Annoyingly, even though your max HP goes up when you level, your current HP doesn't and it's very hard to refill. Not only that, but enemies constantly respawn, so if you go the wrong way and you have little health you have a problem. If this game sounds like it couldn't get any worse, you were so wrong.

It has no map, what so ever. Seriously, this game is basically Labyrinth without Bowie. This means you get easily confused, easily frustrated and when you die it's very hard to figure out where you previously were. This game's only saving grace is its cheesy dialogue, like "Take this! Take that!" It also has no save system, so if the Wii didn't have a stand by save feature, you'd have to jot down a 16 character code.

Graphically, as previously mentioned this game has a lot of grey in it. Grey walls, grey floors, and grey ceilings. The enemies have no animations whatsoever and the HUD which the game uses is incredibly ugly. The sound is equally as bad; at times I'd rather rip my ears off than listen to what's coming out of my TV speakers.

I can't tell you how bad this game is, even for comedy value, this game is plain freaking awful. It could be one of the worst games I've ever played, bar none.

Verdict: Stay clear, this is a stinker.

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