Review: Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde

Porting a PC strategy game to a console has so far lead to very poor results. Of course a lot had to do with the restrictions that a gamepad has in comparison to a keyboard and mouse. Jaleco thought it would be better to create a RTS game solely for a console and so they developed Goblin commander: Unleash the horde.



Leaving the story aside due to the fact that it isn't worth mentioning, the game is all about goblin clans and you start out with the stonekrushers. These are earth like creatures that like to work in mines and all talk like Jabba the Hut. Apparently there is a huge rivalry between different clans and they seem to get at each other a lot.

So it is your duty to crush any attack by your enemies and, just to make sure, wipe them out in the process. You start by controlling one unit but throughout the game you have control over more clans. Usually after you defeated a clan, then you get to control their units in further campaigns.


Basically there are only two types of characters in the game. You've got the enchanting goblins and there are huge creatures called titans. These are powerful forces and to make things a little fair only one can be controlled at any time. You can recruit them in the same way you recruit goblins. Titans can do heavy damage and come in various types such as an ogre who for health ups can consume other creatures by simply eat one of those tasty goblins.


Keep it basic:

Jaleco's major struggle was jamming all those instructions into a few buttons. The first thing they had to do is keep it as straightforward as possible, meaning you have to cut in the gameplay options.


So out with the building elements, instead they have fully built clan shrines where you can recruit members up to 10 characters per clan. Also you will have a max control over 3 units at the same time, because basically there isn't any free button left for another unit to control.

Besides "way flagging" units which is the normal control system for RTS games you can also have direct control over your goblins. This way you can fully operate a clan and move them around and attack like you would control a personage in an adventure or platformer. Titans can only be controlled this way Unfortunately you cannot control individual goblins, so if you want to scout an area you pretty much have to bring an entire unit with you.


Soul fountains:

There are 2 gameplay modes, the skirmish which is the multiplayer mode where you can battle against a friend in a split screen. And there is the single player campaign mode which is divided in 5 sections, each containing a couple of levels. You begin with a very articulate tutorial mode where you can learn the trade as you go. The first levels are over with a sneeze and a breeze but gradually things become harder although there are only a couple of real tough lengthy ones.


Should members of the clan die you can recruit new ones. In order to do so there are these soul fountains which have to be captured by eliminating nearby enemies. Potentially you have an infinite army, as long as you have control over the soul fountains you'll be able to call up new clan members if others should die, with the souls gathered from the fountains.


In addition to souls you can also gather gold which can be collected by destroying debris and buildings around the area. With gold you can repair destroyed shrines, upgrade clan members or unlock stronger clan units. You can also purchase defensive turrets that can be placed around your clan shrines.

Final Say:

Despite some little gameplay flaws such as mediocre graphics and bad camera positions, Goblin commander still is a worthy title. The gameplay is relatively basic but intriguing nonetheless and especially suitable for newcomers who have a slight interest in the genre or people who are looking for something different for their cube. Comparing this game with the Starcrafts and Age of Mythologies isn't doing this game justice. Rather see at it as a sub genre and you might end up spending quite some time with it.

N-Europe Final Verdict

Looking for something different? Try Goblin Commander.

  • Gameplay4
  • Playability4
  • Visuals4
  • Audio4
  • Lifespan4
Final Score



Suitable for controller
Easy learning curve


Camera issues
No individual control

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