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Review: Madden NFL 2005

As gaming genres go, I'm not a huge fan of the sports games. When i got Madden2005 to review, I put this taste to one side and began to play with an open mind.


The first time you go into a game (not really knowing the controls too well), youpick up on the visual excellence of the game. I doubt the graphics could be muchbetter on any of the current platforms. As you play the first down, you realise justhow good the defensive A.I is. I lost the first game 42-0. What a great game it wasthough. Throwing all my men around, not caring about tactics or much else but tryingto get some rather insane receives complete.

Just before I went to play for a second time I looked at the other options the gamehad to offer. Create-A-Fan looked interesting, so I spent a few minutes creating arandom fan to cheer me on. I was hoping I would score a touchdown in the next gamethat would allow me to see my fan. As for the Create-A-Fan option, it isn't exactlyvery detailed, but more thrown into the game. It's worth a fiddle though and its a coolextra to have.

The mini-games within 2005 are now an obsession of mine. Within the training campthere are many mini-games that you can train individual players on a team up with, improving their statistics as you go along. Also, practicing downs and offensive positioning actually becomes an integral part of winning a game. Another greatasset, which I didn't think was accustom to EA games, was the speed in whichtransitions were made between plays. I remember long gaps between throw ins on olderfootball games, but in Madden you just henshin a go-go (I had to get that into awrite-up somehow).

A rewards system is also built into the game in the form of a Card system. Whichactually works really well. I've so far been rewarded for accomplishing set taskswithin a game and with some of the completed tasks you are rewarded one-time cheatsthat you can use on a specific player. This system encourages you to play the gamein more depth and want to know the positions and tactics that can aid a win. Iimagine a card system is used as Stateside they have kids willing to sell their grannies tocollect the biggest stars. In some respects, it's nice to know EA thought about whatwould appeal as an awards system to an NFL sports enthusiast. The gameplay in thisis just based around everything American football has to offer, it's beautifully madeand just great fun. Can anyone say.. gaming?


As I stated before briefly, the graphics in Madden NFL 2005 are awesome. Close upson the players reveal the moving shoulder pads and the shape and large biceps ofeach of the players. Give a player a low tackle whilst on the defense in Madden, andthe opposing player will flip in a realistic and horribly painful looking manner,receive a high tackle, and you'll cringe as your character has the artificial windknocked out of him. Having feelings for simulated sports characters? It does lookthat good.



In terms of sound, I'd suggest sticking in a favorite album CD and having thatplaying over the top of your NFL game. It's rather annoying hearing the samecommentated sentence twice in one game. I'm not quite sure what went on with thedeveloping crew there. Here we have a game endorsed and named after John Madden, butthe commentary is just lacking after five minutes. As for the other sound, thecrowd, the crushing noises of a tackle. They are spot on. As I said, get a goodalbum on, or get a mate to stand beside the TV commentating on the match himself.


Well, I guess this one depends on how long your Nintendo console lives for, orindeed how long you can operate your fingers. I know for sure that I'll be playingmy copy of Madden far into the future with my mates around. Madden 2005 has changed my opinion of sports games, and I'll look to thenext game in the series on the next-generation consoles. That's about the onlysituation I can imagine me stopping playing my GameCube edition. If its succeededwell.

Well, that was a short review, not that I've dried up with praises for the game, asit has many more, it's lacking in only a few departments, the sound and the fact Iwouldn't mind having a go online. It's no biggy, because get three mates over andyour set. Yet I feel the Cube's lack of supported online play, is a disadvantage toall us GameCube owners. I'll finish this off, by just saying that Madden NFL 2005 onthe Nintendo Gamecube is an excellent game. I enjoy casually watching the sport I must say but by no means am I a hardcore fan but this doesn't flow me from liking the game, I'd suggest giving it a go if you have even the slightest interest in NFL. The game is just put together so very well you'll be surprised how much it will appeal.

N-Europe Final Verdict

Best NFL game out there.

  • Gameplay5
  • Playability5
  • Visuals5
  • Audio4
  • Lifespan5
Final Score



Awesome graphics
The depth and football camp!


Not online
Wont appeal to all

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