Review: Magical Mirror: Mickey Mouse

I'm not going to mislead you. This game really sucks. It's a wonder as to why Capcom and Nintendo even have their names on the box. Anyway, for those of you still reading, this is the plot.

Mickey is asleep in his bed when a ghost comes from his mirror. The ghost takes Mickey to a new world, (about the size of a house!) where he must collect the shards of his broken mirror to get back to reality. A seriously weak plot, yes, but the game does have about 2 points worth mentioning.


Probably the only thing its got going for it. They are pretty good, not excessive in detail, but pretty acceptable. Mickey has a variety of different gestures, which is good and makes the game seem a little less plastic and emotionless. The environments are poorly detailed, with repetitive textures and drab colours. The other characters are averagely detailed, but yet again looking rather drab. Fairly average overall.


Nothing. Pure 100% crap. About 3 tunes playing throughout the whole game. Sound effects are extremely poor. Mickey has about three lines in the whole damn thing. I swear, this is the first thing that will really make you want to use the mini-disc as a Frisbee. That's pretty much it on the aural side of things, if that's what you want to call it.


If you thought the sound was bad, you haven't seen anything yet. Everyone has heard of the point-and-click genre, made popular and respected by the "Monkey Island" series. This is the worst gameplay I have experienced in my whole life. It is sooooooo boring. If you don't want to kill yourself after 10 minutes of play, you must be Jesus. It pained me to play it for the hour it took to finish. Basically all you do is point to a door, press A, and that's it. I have never been able to describe a game's gameplay in a mere sentence before. A true testament to how much this sucks. There is the odd set piece that offers a change from point-and-click adventuring but that is it.


Fairly good controls, all responsive. The game is not complex, so the controls reflect on this. Overall, good.

Final say:

Ok. For those of you who even thought of buying this anyway (all three of you) don't. It is without doubt the worst thing on the cube. The Graphics, Gameplay, Sound and Lifespan are all extremely poor, and I still can't believe two of the most respected company's in the business have put their names on it. Laughable.

N-Europe Final Verdict

Poor... that's all i've got to say, avoid like the plague. One for the kids.... but even this is an insult to their intelligence.

  • Gameplay0
  • Playability2
  • Visuals1
  • Audio1
  • Lifespan1
Final Score



Erm...Good Controls


The whole thing really...

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