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Review: Medabots Infinity

Medabots is seemingly another Pokémon clone. However, instead of creatures that youcatch in the wild, Medabots is about befriending, raising and then battlingkid-sized robots (or rather Medabots). Based on the popular cartoon that I seem tohave happily missed, the game allows you to take control of Ikki, a young kid whowants to take first place in a Medafighter race taking place at the Toru-Toru Landamusement park.

All the motivation you need for your character is a year's free pass to Toru Toruland as well as all the food you can eat there, for free. That's it. With thisexcellent reward in mind, you go forth into the game and repeatedly find yourselfsmashing the control buttons meaninglessly against annoying enemies. Sounds likelots of fun doesn't it?

Medabots Infinity is every reason not to spend forty bucks/quid on a game. It's gotannoying gameplay, slow speech and dialogue scenes which are un-skippable, and acamera that just wants to do everything but help you play the game - (stopping inmid battle whilst still getting bombarded with cannonballs to try and move thecamera to behind your character). The results are a perfect mess that just isn'tfun.

Furthermore there is no mapping system, no process whatsoever to allow you to see where exactly you are going. An example of the sheer mediocrity of it all I approaching a sealed door, no help is offered to you by saying that you need to unseal severalprevious doors to unseal your goal. If I wasn't actually reviewing the game, I justsimply wouldn't have played it. I guess a positive point on Medabots Infinity isthat it will improve your memory as you have no map, but quite why you'd want toremember the layout to an imaginary playground, who knows?

After my long time of owning Medabots Infinity, and with the game behind me now, Ican safely say I want to have the many hours I spent battling my way through itsincompetence back. It offers nothing new to the medium of 'beat stuf up with aanimal that u raise up!111' genre (note: kiddy internet talk used on purpose). Cool features do include showing your mate how bada game can be in the included multiplayer feature. Whilst if you own the probablymuch better GameBoy Medabots games, you can download new parts and bits to theGameCube addition.

In conclusion, if you want a good game, don't buy Medabots Infinity. If you're a fan,stick with the cartoon or happily play Pokémon and name one of your Pokémon'Medabot'. It's a simple solution, and it'll help you avoid playing this ratherunder average game.

N-Europe Final Verdict

A rather bad gaming experience. Avoid.

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  • Playability1
  • Visuals2
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  • Lifespan2
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