Review: Minority Report

Imagine a world where the future murders can be seen, and the guilty punished before the murder is ever committed. Welcome to Washington DC the year is 2052 and you are Police Chief John Anderton, Head of the Department of Pre-Crime for the District of Columbia. You thought the system was perfect till it came after you!

The Minority Report Game is made by the same people who made the "Spiderman THE Movie" and follows John Anderton through a rewrite of the movie but keeps the same basic storyline and characters. For those of you who haven't seen the movie below is a very quick rundown

Minority Report is based on the book by (name) it follows John Anderton as he try's to escape the system he created after the Pre-Cogs see cognition of him killing a man in a hotel room. But when he realizes 1 of the cognitions are missing (A Minority Report) he has to race against the time to find the minority report before its to late.

Most movie games are often poor quality and to predictable but the new storyline means even if you've seen the film you still get a new gaming experience. Over the 40 levels you come into contact with some familiar faces and some new ones.

As well as 6 futuristic weapons in the game you also get to do a lot of hand to hand combat, Which isn't as good as some of the weapons but nothing beats throwing some guy of the top off a building and hearing him scream.


The games graphics are not that impressive in the actual game or cut scenes, as these tend to be slightly blocky; some of the best graphics in the game aren't actually people but some of the surroundings. If you take the Mall courtyard level as a example the effects as you run through the water you get ripples and spray forming, Sadly the spray doesn't seem to show up on the perfect glass which gives a good reflection of the opposite structures. The glass, also shatters perfectly when hit by either a kick etc or one of your flying colleagues or enemies on the receiving end of a throw.


This has to be one of best games I've played for sound in a while, There's a lot of speech in game as well as the 15 cut scenes, You speak, Your opponents speak and it all crystal clear. But on the downside if you live in a country that doesn't speak English don't expect to see this game, as there's no translation option.
There seems to be a limited soundtrack but what's there is great the main backing track is done by "Apex Theory" and a music video is in the specials section.
In game sound effects are very good nearly everything makes a noise sadly most of it seems to be computerized.


The gameplay in Minority Report is fast and frantic, with the average level lasts 10 minutes on easy difficulty. The levels for the most part consist of action scenes were you'll be fighting with pre-crime or one of the local gangs you run into through your travels. And then there are also puzzling moments when you are trying to get to the next room and cant find the switch ledge or similar to get you there.

Actually killing the average enemy isn't that hard they normally take a few punches before they collapse, but if you can't be bothered doing CQC (Close Quarters Combat) you can choose one of the 6 weapons including concussion rifle, and riot machine gun.

Each of the levels gets more difficult than the last with the bosses tending to be more difficult than they should be, because of some dodgy camera angles. Its still pretty easy to get lost in the game and forget what your meant to be doing as the objective only pops up once this probably is the only downside to the new storyline.

The game does feature some new faces these include another 2 FBI Agents (Ken Nara and Ben Mosely) that accompany Agent Witwer and 3 new Suspects (Including Andre Saranes, and Niki Jameson). The new faces are also met with new surroundings including Sol Enterprises and The Subway system.

The most annoying part of the whole game is the spiders they attach themselves to you before delivering electric shocks, later in the game they start using red ones, which explode when they come near you.


The controls are quite simple, but if you struggle you can always go to the training mode for some practice. There are no time limits in the game but rushing through just doesn't happen you need to knockout every enemy in the area before you can proceed. The game comes in 3 difficulty options (Easy, Normal and Hard), there is a dramatic differenced is the difficulty settings and even on easy you can die from only a few hits.

Once you've beaten the bosses you can go up against them, In the arena's of pain these are large arena's were clones of the boss come at you there near impossible as 2 hits and your dead


After you complete the game on all 3 difficulty level (take about 15 hours) there's not much to do apart from watch some of the movies on the specials board or replay your favorite level. If your persistent enough you maybe able to complete one of the arenas on pain but its unlikely.

Final Say:

The game is action packed and has a lot of extra's but it fails to meet expectations, Its still great fun but if it more time was spent on the graphics and camera angles it would of made a amazing game. If you've seen the film you should rent the game and not waste £40 on it.

N-Europe Final Verdict

Have some fun on the rooftop level by making them dizzy then throwing them of the roof and hearing them scream.

  • Gameplay4
  • Playability4
  • Visuals3
  • Audio4
  • Lifespan2
Final Score



Good Sound
Fast Paced Action
Realistic Body Reactions


Bad Graphics
Too Hard
Stupid Specials
Annoying Spiders

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