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"The dialogue is funnier, more interesting and ripe with references to Screaming Narwhal and the previous entries in the series. Fans will be pleasantly surprised. "

While spoilers are mostly avoided in this review, if you haven't played thefirst episode you are warned to steer clear. Also if you haven't read our reviewfor Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, stop on your tracks and read it now .

Welcome back. Done? Good. Now, with most of the bases covered, it's worthlessto go in depth over the same things again, as The Siege of Spinner Cay plays prettymuch the same as the first episode. Picking up exactly on the cliff you were left hanging in the lastepisode, you're immediately greeted with a puzzle that needs to be solved while you'rebattling femme fatalle Morgan LeFlay. Piratey.

The Siege of Spinner Cay takes better advantage of 3D this time around with thedynamic camera angles doing some neat stuff with depth of field as you movearound, making good useof Guybrush's surroundings. The change in scenery is also appreciated and helpsdifferentiating between the episodes, with several small islands to explore this time around.

The sassy Pirate Hunter Morgan LeFlay.

In good Monkey Island fashion, you need to explore everything thoroughly to getthrough the game and while the puzzles are, perhaps still a tad too easy theyseem to flow better than in the first episode. There's still a slightly annoyingjungle though, but thankfully it's not nearly as bad the one in Floatsam. Thedialogue is funnier, more interesting and ripe with references to Screaming Narwhal and theprevious entries in the series. Fans will be pleasantly surprised.

One of the flaws we pointed out the first time was that the dialogue lines youpicked were mostly inconsequential, with Guybrush saying something completelydifferent than what you chose almost every time. It's something that can lead to great jokes, but in theend was overused, making a dent on both the humour and the logic behind theconversations.
This time around Telltale didn't fall down the same hatch,Guybrush says what you've chosen for him to say, sometimes exactly like it waswritten, other times changing slightly and others completely, all done in a way that can surprise you and get some laughs out of you while still keeping your choices relevant.

Someone doesn't like Threepwood's facial hair!

The main characters are memorable and funny, with special mention to LeChuck,who's taken a very interesting turn. Elaine on the other hand seems to be going waytoo soft , at least when she's in her normal mood. Unfortunately, the secondarycharacters are very forgettable with unremarkable and unoriginal designs. Thevoices actors did a great job once again and the Caribbean soundtrack is spot on, but unfortunately the audio on the Wii version is still toocompressed. The framerate problems from before are still here, but slightlybetter and with less hiccups. It's still a shame that Telltale couldn't get theengine right for the Wii version though, even if progress was made.

The Siege of Spinner Cay, while flawed and shorter than the first episode, is an overall betterexperience and if you finished the first episode you should of course get thisone, once again with the warning that the Wii version's audio and frameratearen't as good as the PC version. And remember, you'll surely avoid scurvy if you all eat an orange!

N-Europe Final Verdict

The Siege of Spinner Cay feels better than the first chapter in nearly every aspect, so even if it still has its problems, fans should give it a try.

  • Gameplay4
  • Playability4
  • Visuals3
  • Audio4
  • Lifespan2
Final Score



Good use of camera
Funnier than Chapter 1
Good writing


Framerate has some drops
Compressed audio
Forgettable secondary characters
Very short

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