Review: Overcooked 2 Surf 'n' Turf

Much like the Pokémon franchise before it, Overcooked 2 heads to a tropical island in the recently released DLC Surf ‘n’ Turf. The new location brings with it new kitchens, new recipes and twists on old classics all against a tropical backdrop that still doesn’t ease the intense pressure the series is known for.

Not everyone is exactly thrilled with the Onion King raising the unbread in Overcooked 2 so he has been banished to a tropical island (as far as punishment goes it could be worse). In an attempt to curry favour with everyone he decides to collect some amazing recipes, although you are of course expected to do all the leg work.

Overcooked 2

The new environment contains brand new recipes such as smoothies and kebabs as well as twists on classic recipes - burgers with extra meat patties, pineapples instead of lettuce etc - meaning that you’ll continue to be challenged. The kebabs are grilled using bellows, allowing you to turn up the heat to cook quickly as long as you keep an eye on it.

New kitchens offer the same flagrant disregard for health and safety, as well as common sense, as the original. The new locations include swimming pools, beaches, rafts and cabanas each with their own unique challenge that makes preparing food more difficult. There are 12 new kitchens in total, as well as 2 Kevin levels, to keep you busy.

Ghost Town Games has also replaced the fire extinguisher with a more tropical water pistol which can be used to also clean plates, but if another chef gets in the path of the pistol they will be knocked back by it. It’s a fun and thematic change that provides just another way for you to accidentally make your friends’ job harder.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 Surf ‘n’ Turf continues to expand on what makes the franchise great - it’s fun and may look silly but at its heart is a tough game that requires strong communication between you and others. As we said in our Overcooked 2 review, it is definitely better playing with friends than alone and is another great title to add to the Switch’s local co-op collection.

This DLC pack provides great value for money. It’s price (currently £4.79/€4.99) justifies itself as an impulse purchase and the amount of content you get for this is pretty good. They could have easily just added new kitchens but the new theme, recipes and gameplay makes this DLC worth picking up. 

N-Europe Final Verdict

Just as fun and frantic as the main game with plenty of new content for a low price. If you enjoyed Overcooked 2 (and still have friends) then this is a must buy.

  • Gameplay5
  • Playability5
  • Visuals4
  • Audio3
  • Lifespan4
Final Score



Plenty of new content
Low price point
Still as fun (and stressful) as ever


As with Overcooked 2 - not as fun alone

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