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Dragon Quest Builders

Platform: Switch • Author: Grazza

The legendary Dragon Quest series takes on the realm on Minecraft as it attempts to build up its reputation even higher. But is it a straightforward build or will it all come crashing down? Check inside for the verdict.


Burly Men at Sea

Platform: Switch • Author: Ashley Jones

The Brothers Beard set out on an adventure to solve a mystery and along the way they meet an interesting array of characters in this stylistic game.


Devious Dungeon

Platform: Switch • Author: Grazza

Devious Dungeon is another indie title available on the Nintendo eShop but is it worth delving into? Check inside for the verdict.


Urban Trial Playground

Platform: Switch • Author: Gregory Moffett

Hop on your bike and see how many stunts you can perform as Urban Trial Playground comes to the Nintendo Switch. Find out what we wheelie think in our review.


Midnight Deluxe

Platform: Switch • Author: Dennis Tummers

With Midnight Deluxe we get a moody golf/puzzle title on the Switch eShop. Can the little Midnight score a hole-in-one?


Kirby Star Allies

Platform: Switch • Author: Adam Hirst

All aboard the Friend Train! Regular N-Europe contributor (and definite friend) Adam give us his take on Kirby's brand new Switch adventure.


Last Day of June

Platform: Switch • Author: Sam C Gittins

The acclaimed Last Day of June from Ovosonico has just launched on Nintendo Switch. But is this unique story revolving around love and loss worth investing in both financially and emotionally? Check inside for the verdict.


Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition

Platform: Switch • Author: Gregory Moffett

Look who's in the reject bin, it's the Twin Robots! Twin Robots! (Ultimate Edition) Click-for-the-ver-dict.


SteamWorld Dig

Platform: Switch • Author: Sam C Gittins

SteamWorld Dig(s) its way onto the Switch but can it go the distance? Grab your pickaxe and dig into this review for the verdict.


Payday 2

Platform: Switch • Author: Jonathan Stanley

The Heat is on...


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