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Platform: Switch • Author: João Pereira

Ever wondered what it might be like to own the last farm on earth? Atomicrops brings that particular post-apocalyptic narrative to life in a unique way. Join our newest reviewer and official N-Europe proofreader Jonnas, to see what life is like on the farm where you harm and charm your way to survival.


Streets of Rage 4

Platform: Switch • Author: Sam C Gittins

Streets of Rage 4 has officially been released for a month now, with such a monumental release, it has taken us that long to form a definitive opinion on the latest entry in the series, especially as it is the first numbered game in over a quarter of a decade. For such a huge game, we put a two man team on the case, so join Sam and Anil as we take to the Streets of Rage one more time.


80's Overdrive

Platform: Switch • Author: Nick Lone

80's Overdrive swerves onto the Switch, going from 3D to HD but can it replicate the same solid run it had before or does it miss a crucial corner? Nick takes the game for a spin, check inside for the verdict.


Infinite - Beyond the Mind

Platform: Switch • Author: Dennis Tummers

Infinite - Beyond the Mind brings more indie 2D action platforming to the Nintendo Switch. But will it be remembered infinitely or quickly slip from our mind? Check inside for the verdict!



Platform: Switch • Author: Dennis Tummers

The idea behind Snakeybus is simply brilliant: mix the concept of growth from Snake with a driving game. But can Snakeybus extend to great lengths or does driving an ever-growing bus fall short? Check inside for the verdict!



Platform: Switch • Author: Ashley Jones

Looking for a unique platformer with a charming art style for a very reasonable price? Pikuniku is still available for 89p until midnight tonight. Check inside for Ashley's verdict.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Platform: Switch • Author: Glen O'Brien

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX has quickly become one of the best-selling new games of 2020, not just for the Switch but across all formats; just how does the game stack up, especially when compared to other entries in the series? Our resident Pokémon expert Glen has the verdict.



Platform: Switch • Author: Gregory Moffett

If you're as much of a fan of the 80's era of Videogames as we are, then you may well want to check out 198X which is essentially a love letter to games of a bygone era featuring some Arcade games which are certainly reminiscent of some familiar classics but just how does it all play out? Join our very own Gregory Moffett as we go back in time to 198X! Check inside for the verdict and for our first N-Europe Switch video review!


Hypercharge: Unboxed

Platform: Switch • Author: Lee Davies

If you've ever wanted to play a First-Person Shooter with Tower-Defence elements which feels like it's set inside the worlds of every animated film starring toys which you can think of, then Hypercharge: Unboxed might be just what you're looking for. Join our very own Lee Davies of N-E Café Podcast fame for his first official review as a staff member. Check inside for the verdict and details of a future competition to win a copy of the game!


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Platform: Switch • Author: Glen O'Brien

Tokyo Mirage Sessions is the game which puts Japan into the JRPG genre quite literally, this is the quirky titles second chance on Switch and is surely worth investing time in if you missed its original release. Check inside for the verdict.


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