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"...the atmosphere created is wholly unique and a refreshing change from most titles available on the market."

On paper, Soul Bubbles doesn't sound too exciting as it relies on the simple premise of protecting and advancing souls in their journey from one area of the map to the next. Yet the means of transport via bubbles which you draw earns it instant kudos. By housing these souls in bubbles you must then use your on-screen protagonist to blow these souls through increasingly-dangerous mazes – usually littered with soul-hungry enemies!

Infact, the crux of Soul Bubbles value as something worthwhile comes from the brilliant mazes you'll have to navigate. Coupled with numerous locales the challenges are always varied. One minute you'll be gently coaxing your bubble through lush green jungles, swiping vines from the landscape and the next you'll be battling chameleons in the sandy Australian outback. The pace is sedate, the puzzles never too taxing (until late, late on) yet the atmosphere created is wholly unique and a refreshing change from most titles available on the market. It also looks beautiful too, with lush backgrounds complementing the many excellent foreground interactions.

Slash his tongue!

Yet for all of this atmosphere, Soul Bubbles wouldn't be the instantly playable title if it wasn't for the excellent controls. Dabbling on the touch screen is responsive, instantly understandable and logical. (Draw a circle to create a bubble, press/swipe in a direction to blow.) Yet by using the D-Pad to change gameplay mechanics, far more can be achieved. Your on screen protagonist can wear different masks (each mapped to a direction on the D-Pad) and these masks grant the wearer new abilities - such as the ability to 'cut' items.

This then comes into play where players have to cut vines out of the way of the bubble (or as above, tongues!) Mapping the masks to the D-Pad was definitely a nice touch and by placing the map on the top screen the play area is never cluttered, important for those bubble-manipulating moments.

Yes, Soul Bubbles even has an obligatory ice level!

Soul Bubbles is a marvellous DS title. It offers a wonderfully serene pace and backs this up with lush visuals and a soundtrack which evokes dream-like tranquillity. And even though the title starts off as a casual puzzle experience, by the time the elements come into play (ala capturing water in a bubble and blowing it into fire) it will test the grey matter of all who play.

N-Europe Final Verdict

It's not often a title comes along and brings a smile to our faces within the first few minutes of play, but Soul Bubbles did just that. A wonderfully calming experience which offers enough refreshing puzzling to feel like a title the DS was built for.

  • Gameplay4
  • Playability4
  • Visuals5
  • Audio4
  • Lifespan4
Final Score



Gorgeous graphics and sound
The puzzles are genuinely fresh
Wonderful level design


May prove a little easy for hardcore gamers
Sedate pace may send some to sleep

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