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Review: Tarzan Freeride

Now here's a game I wasn't particularly looking forward to reviewing. Going by previous Tarzan games (my 10 year old female cousin has one…and I played it…oh the shame!), I wasn't really expecting a killer game. How right was I? Please, do your wallet a favour and leave this one well alone perhaps if enough people refuse to buy games like these, then developers will eventually decide not to make them. Anyway, the show must go on….

Please Note: The above passage was written by me, an adult. The rest of the review is written from the point of view of a young child, as that is who it is aimed at. If you are older, you may feel that the overall score should be lower than I give it, as it is aimed towards younger children who enjoy more simple things. Thanks.


There isn't much that can be said about a game of this caliber, so forgive me if my review is rather brief. The graphics of this game are fairly simple; simple textures, simple character models and simple landscapes. But, hey, what do graphics matter, huh? It all looks bright and colourful, just like a Disney game should, and they fit perfectly with the style of the game. The game runs extremely smoothly as well, with no in-game blurring. Everything is very sharp and crisp, just not very well textured. The lighting isn't particularly good either.

The problem is that, although recognisable, the character models are very bumpy, and they don't really do Disney's graphic artists much justice. However, the frame-rate and the fluidity more than make up for that. The cut scenes are alright as well, but nothing special. The comedy value of the game shoots up when you kill an enemy. Watching them just disappear into thin air is hilarious. Full of cutesy graphics, this game looks just like you'd expect it to look. But that still isn't very good.


What you'd expect from a Tarzan game, jungle music (bongos etc not that garage stuff.), monkeys and Tarzan's very own 'AAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAA-AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!' (Sorry, that's the best I can do!) The sound quality is pretty high, although the repetitive in game speech, especially from Terk, possibly the most annoying character ever, can get a bit annoying. But hey, you won't really notice that if you're 8 years old. The voices of the characters are particularly good, sounding just like their movie counterparts. But even though the sound quality is good, the sound effects aren't. Whoops.


Fluid is the first thing that comes to mind. Fast is the second. Boring, however, is the third. The same things over and over and over, it just gets so repetitive it's tedious. The simple controls make it easy to navigate, and you won't need to think about which button to press, as it all seems very natural. All credit to Ubi Soft for that. It's just the rest of the game they should be ashamed of. Even for a child, this game isn't very exciting. Run, jump, swing, spear, bellow, surf, slide and ski. Did I forget jumping and swinging? Or even running? Pretty repetitive stuff makes for an overall disappointing and boring experience.

The only redeeming factor of this game is that, in certain places, it's extremely challenging, even for an adept gamer such as myself. The water ski level, in particular, got me exceedingly frustrated, and I ended up turning the machine off in an angry rage because of the simplicity of the rest of the game. All in all, children will find this a lot harder than other gamers.

When I sat down and played it from start to finish (after messing about and getting to grips with the controls) it took me less than two hours to complete. Aside from Terk's challenges, in which you're challenged to get high trick scores and fast times, there isn't much to make you come back to it after the first time.


Like I've said before, the game is very easy to control, and runs very smoothly. It's quite fun to play but gets boring after about 20 minutes. Although boring, it does feel like you have total control over Tarzan, or who ever you choose to play as, which is good. The simple controls help with that. There isn't really much that can be said about the playability of this game. Did I say it was easy to control? So I did.


The adventure mode is a particular no-brainer which shouldn't really last you very long. This game took me less than two hours, as a pose to Resident Evil's 18 hours, first time round. The only thing that should really make you come back to this………things that's been passed as a game, are Terk's challenges. But then again, once you've got a high score in all of those, there isn't really that much to do. A pretty small game if you ask me, with hardly any replay value. In fact, it has even less replay value than Luigi's Mansion, and that really is something.

N-Europe Final Verdict

Even for a child, this game shouldn't be bought. Sure, it has the Tarzan license, but under that skin, it's just horrible.

  • Gameplay1
  • Playability4
  • Visuals3
  • Audio3
  • Lifespan0
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Simple Controls
Fast and Fluid
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