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NOTE: This is Virtual Console review. As such, there's none of the usual scoring at the end.Just text and a quick verdict.

Everyone's favourite heroes in a half shell; named after your favourite classical Italian artists! Can you remember the theme tune to the TV series? Yeah, I know you can. Anyone who was anyone was watching the turtles back in the early 90's and even now they're bringing them back, with new games by Ubisoft and a new movie. But, let's go back when it wasn't all cel shaded and CGI, when it was in fact, arguably a better series.

So, at the start of the huge Turtle lovefest, in 1990 Ultra games released the original Turtles game. Which I, in fact, remember owning... I don't remember it being that hard though. The game plays a little differently from the arcade game that came out in the same year, of course it was much more basic, and after all it was on the NES not on a huge arcade cabinet. The game has two parts, an 'over world' area, where you must avoid enemies with an over the head camera where you may enter the other part of the game, the combat area. The game then flips to a side-on view, where you must kill all the enemies, including the boss characters. You can also change between any turtle you want and they have all their own unique abilities. Leonardo has a pair of Katana, Donatello has a bo staff, Raphael wields a pair of sai and Michelangelo takes nunchaku into battle.

How do the graphics and audio stand up? Graphically, it's not half bad at all. The game, although early in the NES', life looks great and they used the licence very well. With colourful and interesting backdrops and sprites the game really shines. The sound effects and music are awfully tinny, but you can't blame them for trying to push the NES further than anyone at the time. Yes, this is one rose tinted game that actually still delivers. Thank the gods! However... should you own an Xbox 360, there is an alternative. Released at a cheaper price is the arcade game from 1989, which plays totally differently however. It's a 2D side scrolling beat 'em up, but the 360 version does support four player online. Something we obviously don't have. The choice is yours: NES or Arcade version.

Verdict: Turtle power! This game still packs a punch.

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