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NOTE: This is a Virtual Console review. As such, we avoid the usual round of scoring at the end. Just text and a quick final verdict.

As if this game needs any introduction at all. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,which is seen in many eyes as gaming perfection, has been unleashed the VirtualConsole, not only that but Europe was the first territory to receive it, isn't thatnice?

You all know the story: a strange boy by the name of Link is chosen by the GreatDeku Tree to receive a fairy, known as Navi to help him stop the evil Ganondorf.Yup, text book Zelda. However, Ocarina was the first 3D Zelda and it still,incredibly stands up to today's other 3D action adventures and the other titles inthe Zelda franchise.

This is by far the lengthiest game so far on the VC, clocking in at around 30-50hours of gameplay and even longer if you consider the side quests. As you probablyall know, Link must travel across Hyrule Field and enter many regions such as:Kakariko village, Death Mountain, Zora's Domain, Gerudo Valley and Hyrule Castle.All of these locations are still instantly memorable and utterly unforgettable inevery sense. You'll remember all the music, all the (fantastic for their time)graphics, all the enemies, all the outstanding bosses. Hell, you might even rememberwhy this is probably the best Zelda game.

If you haven't played this game, download it right now. This very second! The onlyreason not to download this game is if you own it several times or you've played itto death. It may not have the beauty of The Wind Waker or the epic scale of TwilightPrincess but Ocarina of Time still stands tall as in many opinions as the greatestin the series... now bring on Majora's Mask Nintendo.

There isn't much more I can mention about this game, you all know about its fun andoften frustrating temples, its item collection, the characters, the storysequences... just go play it!

My only problem with this game; isn't the game parse but why on Earth are Nintendoreleasing all their best games so fast on the VC? It's a worrying thought that sometime down the line, we'll be stuck with awful 3rd party games! Oh well, for themeantime, let's not complain too much.

Verdict: Utter Masterpiece

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